Noen kristne har drømmer om bortrykkelsen mens andre kristne drømmer om dyrets merke

Mens noen kristne får nattlige drømmer om bortrykkelsen, er det andre kristne som i stedet drømmer om dyrets merke og skal vi tro noen av kommentarene som videoen til den unge jenta har fått, er det flere som tror at dyrets merke allerede er her. Og at det er Covid-19 vaksinen. “Yes my young sister! The Lord God is showing you. “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.”That goes for mRNA manipulation. Crossing the line of creation. We don’t follow the world, stay separate, be vigilant, pray and seek the Lord in spirit and truth,” skriver Andrew Jordan som har sett videoen under.

Dyrets merke eller forløperen til dyrets merke er her allerede. Mange kristne har allerede latt seg merke av denne styggedom som blir servert oss som frelse fra Coronaviruset. “It is the mark. Thank you for being brave. And warning people.
Charasso is the greek root word for “Mark” when it comes to the mark of the beast written about in the bible. Charasso means to “sharpen a point”, I find that interesting regarding the vaccine. I also find it interesting in Revelation 18:23 it says ALL nations will be deceived by sorcery; oddly the Greek word is pharmakia….Meaning drugs aka big pharma. Also in another verse Revelation 19:20 KJV says”he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast”! So both scriptures prove people will be deceived into taking it. There is an ingredient LUCIFERASE in this vaccine henceforth “Lucifer going into you (the temple) declaring himself to be god”. Its already starting to be mandatory like Quantas airlines reported and many other companies. When you are reading about the mark of the beast look up all the greek words in the verses. In revelations 13:18 when it talks “wisdom” regarding the mark of the beast it comes from the greek word “sophia G4678”. That Greek word means “knowledge of very diverse matters; worldly and spiritual”. So people WILL need diverse knowledge to understand what the mark is… ex: science ( doctor’s exposing this but being silenced), laws being passed like (HR 6666), patent numbers such as (202060606), ingredients like (luciferase, hydrogel, nanotechology, aborted baby tissue), and OF course Scripture. Then the next word in that verse above is “understanding” in the Greek means “the intellectual ability and will to know.” So people have to have the intellectual ability and willingness to consider the facts behind all this…rather than saying “im sick of conspiracy theorist” and being closed minded. And finally in the verse where it says he “causes” both small and great. “Causes” in the greek is “#4160 poieo” which means “makes/executes” so yes there will be a level of force behind it eventually. As a matter of fact a military General already said while being interviewed by “60 minutes” about how he will be “executing/forcing” this vaccine.
Have you heard of the excelsior passport? There is a video by Revelations of Jesus Christ on YouTube that was removed and censored by youtube,vimeo, and bitchute. The video exposes all this evil they have planned. This video interviews scientist, doctors, army generals, and of course ties in scripture. The facts are there but the enemy doesn’t want you to know. If you want to see this banned video go to… RevelationsOfJesusChrist .com and watch his video on the homepage called “The temple of baal”. Pray before watching because the devil is trying to keep people from watching this through technological warfare against the video.Push through any buffering and don’t let the enemy discourage you from watching it. Hosea says “my people perish because of a lack of knowledge”, skriver personen bak YouTube nicket “Christ Jesus is Truth”.