Hussein Obama, presidenten som redder Hamas

Hussein Obama innblanding i krigen er først og fremst en redningsaksjon for å berge den palestinske terrororganisasjonen fra å bli slått militært. Dette er ikke første gang Obama har dolket allierte i Midt-Østen i ryggen. Den som først ble dolket var USAs mangeårige allierte president Hosni Mubarak. Den som nå dolkes er Benyamin Netanyahu

Benyamin Netanyahu måtte mandag sammenkalle sitt sikkerhetskabinett etter at USAs
netanyahu-2014president i går kveld ringte ham opp og krevde en slutt på krigen. Obama’s innblanding betyr mest sannsynlig at Israel innen kort tid avslutter sine militære operasjoner inne på Gazastripen og dermed har ennå en israelsk statsminister satt i gang en krig med et heller svakt resultat. Hamas sitter fremdeles med makten på Gazastripen, Hamas har fremdeles store deler av sin infrastruktur bevart og Hamas vil fremdeles være i stand til å avfyre raketter mot sentrale deler av Israel, så Netanyahu og Israel kan på ingen måte pårope seg å ha oppnådd sine uttalte mål. For Hamas kom den amerikanske innblandingen som en gavepakke fra himmelen og både Hamas, Hizbollah og Iran har uten tvil merket seg at USA under Obama ikke lenger kan regnes som en alliert av Israel.

Det amerikanske policy-skifte overfor Israel har vært synlig svært lenge. Egentlig helt siden hamas-for-fredførste dag i det hvite hus har Obama ført en politikk som svekker Israel. Forholdet mellom Netanyahu og Hussein Obama har også vært iskaldt og klimaet mellom de to blir neppe varmere etter gårsdagens telefonoppringning. En samtale som mest sannsynlig kommer til å bety at Hamas er reddet som terrororganisasjon og at Obama i prinsippet har meldt Det Hvite Hus inn i foreningen “Hamas venner” som hittil har bestått av Iran, Hizbollah, Tyrkia og Qatar som alle har støttet Hamas enten via retorisk støtte eller og økonomisk i form av å sørge for import av raketter og våpen til Gazastripen. USA har aldri tidligere hatt en mer Israel-fiendtlig administrasjon enn den de har i Hussein Obama. Det beste Netanyahu og den israelske regjeringen kan gjøre er å ignorere den amerikanske presidenten og satse på at kongressen som er overveldende pro-israelsk vil legge tilstrekkelig bånd på denne Israel-fiendtlige administrasjonen som i realiteten forsøker å styre israelsk sikkerhetspolitikk. Obama som har en lang fortid i å feile i Midt-Østen og som gjentatte ganger har demonstrert at han kun har det kjeften burde rett og slett bli oversett av den israelske regjeringen som burde fullføre militæroperasjonen til Hamas er knust.

Debka: Netanyahu’s dilemma: Vil han støtte Obama’s “redd Hamas policy” eller bekjempe den sammen med Egypt og Saudi-Arabia

Fredag kveld avviste et enstemmig israelsk sikkerhetskabinett John Kerry’s våpenhvileplan Abdullah-Netanyahusom ville styrke og redde Hamas. En rasende og ydmyket amerikansk utenriksminister dro deretter til Paris hvor han holdt samtaler med Tyrkia og Qatar, to nære allierte av Hamas. Etter disse samtalene kommuniserte Kerry sin dype frustrasjon over israelsk motvilje til å underordne seg hans forslag, og Kerry’s surmuling nådde frem. En bestemt og ydmyket amerikansk president kastet seg på telefonen og i klartekst beordret han Netanyahu til å akseptere amerikansk policy. Dette etterlater Netanyahu med et dilemma, vil han gi sin støtte til den amerikanske “redd Hamas politikken” eller forsøke å bekjempe den sammen med Egypt og Saudi-Arabia. Les analysen fra debka files her

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9 tanker om “Hussein Obama, presidenten som redder Hamas

  1. At israeler opplever Obamas Israel-policy som annerledes er åpenbart. Hans telefonsamtale med Netanyahu utløste en storm av reaksjoner:
    LynxNews •
    Obama is a traitor. Netanyahu should have hung up the phone….. and told BO to piss off. Obama needs to be impeached ASAP!

    Marc Rosenblatt
    Obama is a disgrace. He makes me ashamed to be an American. Instead of standing tall with Israel and giving the Hamas an ultimatum to stop the rockets or else, Obama does his usual BS saying Israel has a right to defend itself and in the same breath telling Israel to stop killing babies. He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to America.

    Max Zaslawsky ·
    I was an American Democrat. Obama and Kerry are no friends of Israel. They will turn over Israel to Hamas like Chamberlin did in WWII. They have a double anti-Semitic standard. It is all right for the world including the US to kill non combatants but not Israel. Do what is best for Israel not what anti-Semites want. Congress is right in fighting Obama.

    Tim Benton
    Then why do you guys keep voting for him. I am a Jew, and would not give the Democratic party my vote if my life depended on it.
    Today if Israel was to experience a mass attack from the Arab armies that attacked her in the past, I do not think the liberals would support giving any aid to her, and the present idiot in the white house would start apologizing to the Muslims.

    Michael Leibowitz ·
    Netanyahu should tell President Obama to butt out. Obama has arguably made things worse, there’s no room for either him or kerry to stick their noses where they a)don’t belong and b)give succor and support to Israel’s enemies.

    Jerrold L Sobel
    It’s time Netanyahu respectfully tells this embarrassment in the White House to concentrate on vacationing and Golf and mind his own business. Until his disasterous election in 2008 he couldn’t even find Israel on the map.

    Kevin Easthope
    Obama is a joke, and I’m ashamed that he turned his back on our ally.

    Jim Levy · Obama couldn’t find his Hamas-loving ass if it were glued to his head
    Keep on killing the terrorists!
    Jeffrey Marson · Note the glaring omissions in Obama’s “urge” (a.k.a. demand): No mention of Israeli casualties, no mention of how the Gazans elected a terrorist regime hellbent on destroying Israel, no mention of how Hamas, the instigator of all this, must be the first to stop hostilities by surrendering their arms, no mention that Hamas is TOTALLY responsible for Gaza being in ruins (economically, morally, and every other way) and no mention of how the tunnels and weapons of Hamas are going to be liquidated if Israel doesn’t complete its operation.

    Yonatan Knickerbocker
    Screw him and the horse he rode in on. He wants to destroy our country the same way he has destroyed America.
    Cathy Kurt ·
    Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire “that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs, while strengthening the Palestinian Authority.” SERIOUSLY? Why doesn’t Obama add free cell phones while he’s at it? Who does he think he is, and why doesn’t he have an accurate grasp of the situation? Are we Israel’s master, that we can make demands on how they win a war forced upon them? Israel, ignore our Interloper/Poser-in-Chief and do what you gotta do.
    Richard Lepsy ·
    anyone that listens to Barak Hussein Obama and thinks he gives a damn about Israel, is crazy

    Itamar Bernstein ·
    With a “friend” like this in the WH, who needs enemies?

    Sandy Cullen ·
    “An immediate and unconditional ceasefire ending Israel’s assault on Hamas is a “clear strategic imperative” to Israel, US President Barack Obama told Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in a phone call on Sunday. Mr President. How about demanding an unconditional cease fire from Hamas? “ending Israels assault on Hamas? Excuse me How about that with every cease fire that both sides agreed to, Hamas broke that agreement by firing into Israel?
    We US citizens should be afraid, very afraid because if another country fires onto us, we will not be able to depend on our President to fire back ten-fold.

    Joseph Ciprut ·
    Now all is crystal-clear: the whole rocketing and tunneling was actually to secure a better standard of living for Gazans !!! With Obama & Kerry adopting the morals of african cannibals, one can see how they are infatuated with the idea, under the guidance of the illuminati of Cutter and Turkey !!! I hope all third world countries will adopt the new system and start lobbing rockets onto their richer neighbours….Starting with Mexico.
    Yonatan Avraham ·
    Obama need to have his call put on hold while BiBi eats diner with his wife. Obama is a scumbag.

    Don Robinson
    I hope Netanyahu told him to go to hell and take Hamas with him
    Zion Meir ·
    There is no need to be ashamed of your country, USA. The majorities of Americans were and still are Israel best friends. It is the Obama administration who is aliened it self behind Hamas, Iran, Turkey, Syria….The Shia sect. I thank God for Bibi to be in the helm at this time of need. He can stand up to Obama! Remember in the next election (2014) and (2016) who to vote for.

    Earl Burton ·
    To our friends in Israel. Please accept my apologies for the fact that the US has a President and Secretary of State who live in fantasy land. The duly elected Hamas leadership of Gaza has repeatedly stated its desire to eliminate your state, diverts so-called humanitarian relief to that purpose, and uses (and encourages) its civilian population (who voted for them, btw) to serve as shields. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to avoid civilian casualties and will continue to do so. Please defeat Hamas militarily once and for all. Given their stated purpose, you have every right to do so.

    Razvan Condruc ·
    i feel disgusted every time obama and kerry are coming in the picture….people are talking about hamas,hezbollah and so on…personally I think those 2 are the biggest enemies of the jewish people.with another president and/or state secretary,all these issue with hamas and so on would have been fixed…just imagine Mitt Romney would have been president..oooo how I wish this could have happened!!!!!!

    noweedzone (signed in using yahoo)
    Obama has his head somewhere else. Eh look Bibi I want to see a viable economy in Gaza. I want these folk to have normal lives. And I’d like u to do the leg work for me. Let’s start with u letting them bomb u. That should solve two probs. One they don’t have to hide their missiles in UNRWA schools. And second they don’t have to flee. A few shots of missiles into downtown Tel Aviv and voila it’s over. U’ll never notice. And if u can help them build their economy even better.

    Larry Schmeidler ·
    “Peace in our time”. Does that sound familiar? World War 11 soon followed Chamberlain’s declaration. What will follow President Obama’s?

    Peter Wize ·
    The proper Israeli response to Obama’s request would be, “F*ck off!”.
    Neal Scott ·
    The answer should be 100%, “NO!” Ignore that loser.
    Lawrence Teltscher ·
    Did Obama also call Hamas and demand the same ??

    Please BB, get a set of balls and tell husseini to frack off

    David Adda ·
    Who said the idiot in chief could talk?

    Joe Casepack ·
    Who cares what Obama wants?

    Andy TheDad Estrada ·
    do not trust obama!
    sfrankelphd (
    Did he tell this to Hamas?

    Obama at it again? Now he demands a ceasefire without conditions and that Israel make PA/Abbas stronger. Lift the blockade and economically support Gaza to rebuild it.
    So Obama has shown his Islamic Jihad preference and looks now for the weakening of the Jewish State of Israel and increasing Islamic Jihadist power in the region?
    He should be brought up on impeachment charges of abetting and funding terrorism.
    This will be a blow to the entire democratic party as Jews in the USA will start voting Republican. The democratic party better deal with this anti-Jewish back stabber ASAP! that SOB will pay!

    Svetlana Bogomolny ·

    Anthony Ramirez ·
    The current president of the USA is no doubt bad for Israel, Israel do not trust this guy he is no friend of the Israeli People, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is with you (Jesus Christ) is all you need and He (Jesus Christ) is your and our Messiah (Savior)
    Genesis 12:3 …. Christians United For Israel

    Fernando Mariz de Morais · Obama…go to hell!

    IsraelLives • a minute ago
    “Ultimately, any lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict must ensure the disarmament of terrorist groups and the demilitarization of Gaza,” Obama expressed.

    Not “ultimately”, Obama. Not years from now.

    This year and ASAP. If you and NATO and the UN will not do it, then Israel will do it and disarm the Gazan terrorists, destroy their tunnels and block them from smuggling any more such missiles in from Egypt.

    That means “No” to any ceasefire that does not allow the IDF to continue to find and destroy all the tunnels and missiles in Gaza and to retake the Philadelphi Corridor.

    zion101 •
    Obama is a disgrace on the good name of the USA and clearly a brotherhood member. The democratic USA has a muslim brotherhood terror supporter in the White House, who wants us dead.

    Jim S. • 5 minutes ago
    Israeli cabinet- I beg you, implore you to tell Obama just where he can go. Let him go to the UN and do what he always wanted to do-throw Israel to the wolves. Because it really does not matter-Obama is telling Israel that at best he will allow it to die a slow death. So Israel might as well take a stand right now and tell Obama it will not assist him in making th Middle East safe for terrorism against the Jews.

    zenjitsuman Jim S. • 3 minutes ago
    In November the USA mid term elections will make Obama a lame duck President.
    BB don’t be concerned with Obama, send in the IDF and IAF to defeat Ham@ss

    Jim S. zenjitsuman • a few seconds ago
    I’m an American Jew and I think it does not matter. Obama does not care what anyone, least of which the voters and Congress, thinks of him. As long as he is in office he will double down against the Jews and Israel.

    Ken – USA • 11 minutes ago
    Obama at it again? Now he demands a ceasefire without conditions and that Israel make PA/Abbas stronger. Lift the blockade and economically support Gaza to rebuild it.
    So Obama has shown his Islamic Jihad preference and looks now for the weakening of the Jewish State of Israel and increasing Islamic Jihadist power in the region?
    He should be brought up on impeachment charges of abetting and funding terrorism.
    This will be a blow to the entire democratic party as Jews in the USA will start voting Republican. The democratic party better deal with this anti-Jewish back stabber ASAP! that SOB will pay!
    Never Again, Never Again, Never Again!

    DefiantJewess Back to the Future • 10 minutes ago
    Kerry should not be permitted inside Israel any longer. He is an enemy of the state, and a traitor

    DrRoblee • 13 minutes ago
    Obama has stabbed Israel & so many allies in the back it’s hard to pay any attention to him anymore. This current war is a offshoot of the Kerry/Obama “peace” process.

    baboon123 • 16 minutes ago
    I won’t be surprised if people discover after Obama’s presidential term that he was a double agent for the MB. Not at all.

    Jim S. • 22 minutes ago
    So Under this Obama Doctrine, Hamas gets to stay armed until the Israel-Palestinian conflict is resolved.

    Which means that Obama is now defending the right of a terrorist organization whose official policy if to kill Jews and which has committed double if not triple war crimes to rearm and terrorize and commit war crimes at its leisure.

    It is mind boggling that Obama condemned the tunnels which Hamas built to slaughter Israelis but did not call for their immediate dismantlement. And if there is an immediate ceasefire then they don’t get dismantled, do they?

    Oh, but Obama is “even handed”-Israel can defend itself against the attacks. BUT Israel cannot prevent them from occurring in the first place. So for Obama, its just too bad for Israel if Hamas gets real good at launching missiles Israel cannot defend against.

    Obama has done it-he has made the Middle East safe for terrorism against Jews.

    zion101 • 3 minutes ago
    Does Bibi realize that Obama threw us under the bus ?

    Reuven • 8 minutes ago
    Obama is playing the same game that is playing with Iran: Obama: “Israel has the right to defend itself” (but) “want an immediate unconditional ceasefire” [keeping Hamas terrorist structure], AND “Iran won’t be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon (but) they can keep uranium enrichment” [allowing Iran to develop a nuclear weapon] Sound familiar?

    mike • 3 minutes ago

    “Obama told Netanyahu he wants a ceasefire “that both allows Palestinians in Gaza to lead normal lives and addresses Gaza’s long-term development and economic needs.”

    Someone ought to finally tell the Sheikh in the $hiite house to fcuck off already… The piece of excrement has the nerve to talk about what he wants for these terrorist scum without a single mention of Israel’s right to live in peace without the threat of savage terrorists rocketing her civilians and digging murder tunnels under their houses. Bibi’s ONLY response to the real enemy should be N O spells NO!!!!

    brenrod • a few seconds ago
    americans and israelis agree both hate hussein obama

    ScottAdler • a few seconds ago
    Bibi –The next time Obama calls, have your secretary tell him you’re taking a nap. No, have him talk to Liberman — that’ll fix him!

    Jo • a few seconds ago
    This hypocritical, murderous “president” wants Hamas to be able to continue to terrorize Southern Israel, kidnap our children, while We declare a Unilateral Ceasefire? Bibi, want to get re-elected? Want to see Likud in the KNesset EVER again?

    Jo • a few seconds ago
    Hello, Bibi?

    This murderous Hussein is droning (from Nevada) 100 to 200 Pakistanis per week? The upshot? More terrorism and terrorist groups than ever before in PKs history. In fact it was the US that brought terrorism ti PK in the 80s, but that is another story.

    And, Hussein, you know what you’ve done to us, let alone the PKs? You have turned the Entire Nation ofn PK against the United States. The most pro Westerdn, the Oxford, HarvaRD, Yale educated against us.

    BIBI, shouldn’t you warn the Islamist president that he must stop this wanton murder immediately?

  2. OK…. han heter Barack Obama. Jeg burde ha lert meg dette nu, 6-7 aar inn i hans presidentperiode. Ooops !!

    PS: Er ikke Kjell et hedensk navn ?

    • Han heter ikke Barack Obama, han heter Barack Hussein Obama II.
      Hvorfor utelukker du hans muslimske navn?
      Typisk for folk som ikke tåler hele sannheten Torodd

  3. Naa gjor du akkurat det samme som Jan Kaare Chistensen gjor, Kjell. Latterligjore alle kristne som klovner.

    Alle, inklusiv deg selv, har foer eller senere fremstaatt som muslimer. Deriblandt deler du og muslimer samme syn paa seksuell moral, lover, homofili og gjengifte. Hvis man leser store deler av kan man forveksle den med en muslimsk webside. Samme moralsyn og samme etiske verdier.

    Rent bortsett fra et mellomnavn fra en far med en annen kulturbakgrunn enn den europeiske kulturarv er Obama Barrack saa god kristen som deg selv, Kjell. Noe han selv har sagt og bevist utallige ganger. Hvorfor baktaler du en kristen bror, Kjell ? Bibelen sier litt av hvert om slik praksis.

    Obama Barrack sin Israel politikk er identisk med Bush sr og jr, Clinton, Carter or Reagan. Det fordi US politikk ovenfor Israel ikke har forandret seg i de siste tiaarene.

    Vi kristne er ikke klovner saa hopp av den hesten, Kjell. Og ikke kom med bibelen da den taler mot det du skriver her.

    • Torodd. Kjell er et hedens navn sikkert. Obamas fulle navn er Barack Hussein Obama og helt klart mener mange at Obama fører en annen Israel-policy enn Bush administrasjonen. Noe også israelerne reagerer på. Svært mange mener Obama langt på vei lovpriser muslimske verdier (nesten andektig) og vitterlig fører en policy overfor kristne som innskrenker friheten. Det er også et faktum at den amerikanske presidenten har kommet med utsagn som latterliggjør trosgrunnlaget til millioner av kristne. Men herr Obama er en taktiker, for kristne er han tilsynelatende en kristen (for det må han jo være) og for muslimer er han åpenbart muslim
      Det er ikke tvil om at kristne og muslimer har visse felles etiske verdier da både kristendom og islam henter impulser fra GT. Den tradisjonelle kristne kirke er like kritisk til abort som muslimene er, og det er ikke tvil om at kirken tradisjonelt har stått for at homoseksuell praksis er i strid med den kristne kirkes læregrunnlag som er Bibelen. Når det gjelder syn på gjengifte har også den kristne kirke tradisjonellt stått for det syn blant annet Agder-bispen har. Imidlertid har vi ikke noen interesse av å være dyneløftere så vi holder oss til det prinsippielle. Dette synet har stor støtte blant konservative kristne.

  4. Obama har ganske mange pro-muslimske utsagn så det er mange ting som tyder på at Obama er muslim. Hvorvidt han er antikrist er usikkert, men hans agenda er helt åpenbart antikristelig.

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